We Made It[email protected]


I took a trip to where I lived

 when I was still dreaming like a little kid 

and everything seemed to make more sense

 but nothing was the same as it was back then

no you can’t look back 

cuz the path moves forward and it goes too fast 

yeah you hope to last 

all the ones who laughed 

are the ones you passed


 and I just zoom by 

high speed flying in a new ride 

chasing waiting for the Sun to rise 

Ooh I always knew we’d come this far 

So let’s cruise by 

waving at the haters like we too fly 

time to pull up to a new life 

Ooh I’m ready for the best to start 


Give me everything cause I want it all 

they said we couldn’t do it but we proved them wrong 

and all along we did it for us 

we wasn’t worried bout tomorrow

 put our faith in trust 

And ever since tomorrow came 

I’m so grateful I can see the day 

that we made it 


Flash forward, and we’re older now, yeah.

always knew we’d make it, someway somehow.

Doesn’t come easy when you want success,

but we put the work in and we ACED that test.

Now we can’t look down, ‘cause we’re up so high

that we can’t touch the ground.

Yeah we’re in the clouds, take a look around,

‘Cause we made it now.