Lock-88 is an award winning Song Writer, Producer and Artist Mngt. team, splitting time between LA and Nashville. He has won multiple songwriting awards, including an American Songwriting Award for Pop song of the year, Song of the Year by the Dallas Songwriters Association, and Award Winner in the Hollywood Songwriting Song of the Year category.

Currently in the studio with Pablo DaNú out of Jacksonville, Florida, and Hip Hop artist SGT., out of Los Angeles. For more information on Pablo DaNú  and/or SGT., please send inquiries to:

Robb’s music is currently signed and licensed world-wide to several high-end music publishers, with 2 songs currently on hold by multi-platinum artists. You can also hear his music on most major networks, including NBC, ESPN, HBO, Netflix, CBS, Fox, NFL Network, and STARZ.
Full Catalog available for listening upon request

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Los Angeles | Nashville