IT’S 2 L8!!!  –   [email protected]



What’s it going to be?

I ask you about her,  you deny it.

She blowin’ up your phone, but you hide it.

You hide it, yeah you hide it.

Did you think about us?

You talk about trust, but you Lyin.

Say I’m making things up, and you fight it.

Yeah you fight it, you fight it.


Every time I get High,

and I think about you with your new baby.

I fall down to my knees again,

Feelin’ bruised, feeling’ Used.

And I tried, yes I tried,

Cause I know that you have given up lately.

Now I’m back on my feet again,

To tell YOU….


Come pick up all your shit, ‘cause

Baby I just quit ya.

You can Cry, cry cry,

But It’s Too Late.

No Don’t hit up my phone, cause

I need to forget  Ya.

You can cry cry cry

But It’s too Late.

Let me say it again, yeah,

guess I’ll say it again, yeah.

Guess I’ll say it again, say it again, say it again. (IT’S TOO LATE)

So Pick up all your Shit, and

I’ll try not to miss ya.

Yeah I’ve Cried, Cried, Cried,

But It’s too late,  It’s Too Late.